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Food vendors who sell pre-packaged food. These are registered food manufacturers with required licenses.
Vendors serving ready to eat food and/or drinks. Please be aware you will need a food handler's & temporary event permit. Also the hotel does not permit us to serve lunch food, but you can serve beverages and/or snacks.
Retail, such as arts and crafts, healing or inspirational products.
Body, Mind, Spirit or Sustainability Practitioner
Businesses & Organizations who take the lead in supporting Conscious Living Fair, and receive full benefits and support.

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Your donation of product and/ or service to be brought to check-in before the Fair to be placed in raffle baskets

How will you spread the word about the Fair? Please list all ways: social media, flyers, email, etc. including pertinent social media sites Fair staff should use to promote the Fair(ie; Ashland Peeps facebook group with 10,000 people, etc.)

Due by March 11th registration deadline: 3-4 sentences of practical advice from your expertise~gives the public a "taste" of what you will be offering at the Fair

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